Solar Group offers both Grid-Connected solar power systems (pages 38-44) as well as Off-Grid and Hybrid Solar Power (pages 45-46)

It is critical to analyse the energy usage pattern before deciding on the best configuration

Solar Group Promote reliable but yet cost effective solutions.


Solar Edge

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How does it work? See here
Installation Instructions – Download


Main Components
– Solar PV Panels (Modules)
– Inverter
– Frames
– Cables and switches
-Storage Batteries (Optional)

Sizing Tips
For optimum site specific system, use Solar Online Consultant©
Otherwise, the best rule of thumb is 30% to 60% of the total power usage.

System production is approx. Size x 1,300
For example, a 3.0kWp system should produce approx. = 3 x 1,370 = 4,100 power units (kWh) yearly.

All Solar Power systems must be pre-approved by the line company and inspected when finished.
Durability of all components and material used shall be at least 15 years.
Solar Group is very selective with suppliers and try keeping it simple.
We only use Tier 1 solar panels and offer the longest possible

Performance assurance

Solar Power production is guaranteed for 25 years to 30 years

The production of the solar panels will drop by 2.5% on the 1st year and then down to 80% over the 25 to 30 years life of the product.

About Canadian Solar
Founded in 2001 in Ontario, Canada and has been publicly traded on the NASDAQ (CSIQ) since 2006.

Canadian Solar production facilities are structured for
vertically-integrated manufacturing of ingots, wafers, solar cells, solar PV modules, solar power systems and specialized solar products.

The bulk of Canadian Solar’s manufacturing facilities are located in China plus a manufacturing plant in Ontario, Canada which also focuses on R&D.
In 2014, the company ranked fourth largest producer in the world by PVTECH.

Environmental and quality management certifications
ISO 9001, quality management system
ISO 14001, environment management system
ISO/TS 16949, automotive standard for PV quality control
OHSAS 18001, occupational health and safety
PV CYCLE, member


Added value from warranty

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